04 August 2010

We've Only Just Begun...

Our first days together at St. John's... we deemed ourselves the D.C. Delinquents.
Summer thuggin' before sophomore year... and already look how far we've come.

Within the past year I have grown to not only adore these women... I love them with all my heart. My "home away from home" joints. The best memories of my freshman year of college were made with them, from drunken nights in the streets of Queens to going flat broke in Manhattan. We shut shit down at the Johnnies like no one else has before, I'm sure. Breakfast in Monty's couldn't have been as special if it hadn't been spent with y'all.

No matter where the future takes us, you will all forever have a special place in my heart. God willing, we'll be friends to the end.

Yummy, Muffin, Girlfriend, and Muhfuckin' Myrtis.

I could go on writing forever, but I'll save my words for a few years. ;p

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  1. i loved this post.even tho I can't be back for financial reasons, ya KNOW my ass gonna be there with ya like I still go there..

    love ya so much. life wouldn't be the same without you guys <3