06 August 2010

Speak through Actions

@imjesssss: talk really is just talk. so i don't believe anything anyone says anymore, don't tell me, show me.

Say what you want. It's your right. But that doesn't mean I have to listen or believe you. As functioning human beings, we have the ability to say whatever comes to the brain, whether it be fact of fiction. As humans we also have the ability to believe, but our brain doesn't automatically sort the false out of the true. So as sensible humans it is our responsiblity to determine the difference.

I personally am a person who believes what I see before I believe what I hear. Falling for people's lies is what made me realize that everything is not what it seems, and no matter how sweet words may sound, they can still be the furthest thing from truth. Lessons have been learned. When you believe everything you hear, you're bound to be screwed. People can sell you dreams, but what you see, is what you get.

Actions are the words I'm looking for.

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