09 July 2010

The King Leaves His Throne

Jersey-burning and name calling? Not necessary.
LeBron James made a choice that he thought was best for him. I can find plenty of reasons why he should've stayed in Cleveland, but I can find just as many reason to justify his move to Miami. No one wants to go their hardest and not be rewarded. Yes, it would have been monumental if he had toughed it out and eventually got a ring with the Cavs, but who's to say it would happen? It's crazy how the same people that are bashing LeBron's decision are the same ones that bash him for not having a ring yet. Let the man live. I didn't want him to go to Miami either, but I am anxious to see what he will do teamed up with Bosh and Wade. Having that opportunity presented to him, I'm sure he would have regretted turning it down. Point is, I'm a fan of LeBron regardless of where he goes, as long as he's playing the game and beasting the way he does. Real fans don't switch up on a players when they switch teams. So "fans", be fans.

Disappoinment in his decision should never result in some of the reactions people are exhibiting. Basketball is not a hobby for NBA players... it's a CAREER. And in our careers we have to make hard choices, and that is what he did. It is clear that James has unconditional love for his home in Ohio, and it hurt him to leave. But in the end, we must all do what is best for ourselves. The ungrateful Cleveland fans should be praising LeBron for what he made that team. He single-handedly made the Cavaliers franchise more than relevant in the league. And for that, they must respect him.

I wish the King the best of luck in Miami... we are all expecting great things from the Miami trio.

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