03 November 2010

Black Solidarity Day

If I see you on campus today, I expect to see you in black... all black.

It was all inspired by a play. "A Day of Absence" by Douglas Turner Ward tells the story of a Black community that mysteriously disappears, causing the government to suffer. This depicted the social, economic, and political power of African Americans. 

In 1969 this day was created on the campus of Brooklyn college by Dr. Carlos E. Russell. It is observed the Monday before Election Day as a day to remind the nation of the communal strength of the Black population. The original tradition calls for all African Americans to abstain from working, attending school, and shopping.
But why?

The Mission:
"Black Solidarity Day is a peaceful university wide protest against injustices and inequalities that affect the black population. By creating one powerful voice through the unification of our populace we can uplift and empower our communities. We do this while demonstrating the importance of Black owned businesses and services throughout the world."

Join us today in proving the strength of our Black community. 
Don't buy food on St. John's campus! 
We will be heard.

**Make sure you get a pin and ribbon in Marillac Terrace. Information provided by today's program flyer.**
Check in later for a recap/reflection of today's events.

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